Steelers Mistake Might Become Jerry Jones Or Dan Snyders Dream

robert hendersonContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

The Steelers put themselves in a jam by low balling Jeff Reed. I think they were going to Franchise Tag Casey Hampton and Transition Tag Jeff Reed. Now It might be the other way around(due to all of the missed field goals in playoffs) and this is bad for the Steelers. If this were to happen then The Washington Redskins & Dallas Cowboys will be licking their chops.

The Washington Redskins & Dallas Cowboys would be able to get an excellent Kicker and a Pro Bowl NT basically for the price of a 1st rounder. No one can or will match the money they can throw at Reed and Hampton. I don't think Washington would want to part with their low draft pick but,they are switching to a 34 Defense with Jim Hasslet. However, Jerry Jones gets to bring a good ol boy from Texas back home and gets an excellent kicker ( who can kick inside or outside) for a 1st rounder and cash he would pay Casey Hamton anyways. Somewhere in Dallas Texas Jerry Jones is smiling.