My Rebuttle: CM Punk and the Straight-Edge Storyline

Nate WContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

yesterday i read an article that said cm punk's "straight-edge society" was teetering on christianity.  i myself being a christian did see how it was like it.  we are taught to shy away from alchol, drugs, or any or sorts of sins.  however, straight-edge is nothing like christianity.   unlike cm punk's society you are supposed to love everyone, not scold them make them feel you are less of a person than you are.  you also don't have to shave your head.  it's also not a cult.  it's a way of life.  sting and shawn micheals have openly said that they are christians.  being called a cult not only would offend them but all the other christians that watch wrestling.  all straight-edge is is a storyline.  cm punk would say that this has gone on too far.  eventually, cm punk will turn face and everyone will accept his message.  i just wrote this article  to say that christianity isn't a cult and that straight-edge is different from christianity.