Video: Father Names Son J.E.T.S to Reverse Super Bowl Curse

Edwin BearContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

Just before the 2009 NFL regular season began, New York Jets fan Tom Schonberg named his new born son Jake Edward Thomas Schonberg, initials J.E.T.S.


Tom said he named his son J.E.T.S in hopes it would break the 41 year long Super Bowl drought/ curse Tom had put on the team by being born.


Tom was born in 1970, the Jets last Super Bowl win happened in 1969.  Tom's always been a hardcore Jets fan and while growing up in New York Tom was constantly called a curse to the Jets organization by all his friends that were Giants fans.  Below is a link to the interview.


Now, here the Jets are, just one win away from a Super Bowl appearance and just two wins away from Tom looking like the God of the Jets for creating a Super Bowl berth and championship; with little Jake looking like a savior, the Jets' Jesus if you will.