Unscripted: Detroit Pistons Draft Recap

Cocky and ArrogantContributor IJune 26, 2008

In this issue of Unscripted, Randy and Frank share their draft recap reactions without the intent of publishing them:

WTF?!?! Let's promise Bill Walker that we'll take him at No. 29 but then really take D.J. White...which I could live with...but then trade White for two no-namers, even though we really could've taken Bill Walker with any of the other two picks...and guess who Bill Walker ends up going to? The ****ing Celtics!!! Thanks Joe Dumars!

Bill Walker was supposed to be a LOTTERY PICK if it hadn't been for his injury. FINE, don't take him in the first round, but at least pick him with a second-rounder...

And seriously...no Walker, no White...at least come away from the draft with someone like DeAndre Jordan or Joey Dorsey...but, nope, Joe D. had to pick ****ing Trent Plaisted...HOW MANY NBA PLAYERS ARE NAMED TRENT??? OMG, TRENT IS A NAME YOU WOULD GIVE A KID IF YOU WANTED A LAWYER OR A BUSINESSMAN, BUT NOT AN NBA PLAYER!

And where is Joe D. picking these players from? UAB? BYU? They are REAL basketball powerhouses...man...let's pass on players who played at Memphis, Kansas, Texas A&M...those aren't real schools...**** this ****, man...I quit this ****ing ****



I'm in shock.

I was praying for CDR (Christopher Douglas-Roberts) to fall to us, he does, and then Dumars not only takes D.J. White, he trades White to Seattle for Trent Plaisted and Walter Sharpe? What, did he not think one Walter was enough on this team? And Plaisted? Are Sheed's character issues so bad he had to go and find a mormon?

I'm so distressed I'm writing in only questions. I'm going to be sick.

Photo: UAB Sports