Short Of The Day: NBA All-Stars

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Short Of The Day: NBA All-Stars
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Today I had an idea. Often I have something to say, but not a long article's worth. Therefore about 5 minutes ago I decided on writing some shorts. I know its a novel idea (please add sarcasm) but save the date and time, it will be famous one day. 

Today John Hollinger wrote an article about who he thinks should be on the team, and that fan's should no longer decide who plays on the all-star team. Okay, so he is right, AI? McGrady? REALLY? 

Hollinger is wrong. Go to a basketball game, it is all spectacle. Not a game or athletic competition, but rather its an entertainment event or athletic event extravaganza! Sometimes, to quote a former Sport Consumer Behavior professor of mine, its hard to find the game! 

All-Star game is potentially a misnomer. It is another spectacle. This is the game the fans want to see, not a collection of the best players in the league. What do you know about the average consumer? Stars sell! Of course they are going to make the All-Star game.

This is not about the best, its about who the fans want to go see.

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