Its Sad When We Have To Lower The Bar For Pacquiao To Be Great

black nazareneContributor IJanuary 19, 2010

can pacquiao beat any fighter that's undefeated .  eg : Timothy Bradley 25 wins no losses  11 by knockout . Devon Alexander 19 wins 0 losses 12 by knockout and mayweather 40 wins 0 losses and 25 by knockout.
pacquiao can beat (1) Miguel cotto- who was knockout by margarito
                          (2) rickey hatton - who was knockout by floyd mayweather
                          (3) oscar de la hoya - old over the hill fighter
 pacquiao can only beat sloppy seconds or is pacquiao ducking these fighters that are undefeated  and available , instead he chose joshua clottey please clottey don't move he was hand pick for pacquiao . pacquiao want a fighter that stands right in front of him which is joshua clottey. I won't be surprise if its @ a catch weight .
the sad part is everyone is going along with it. yet you want to chose who mayweather fight next
Its Sad when we have to lower the bar for pacquiao to be great