Cole Miller vs. Andre Winner: A Match for Long-Time TUF Fans

Gerald Ng@geraldngkkContributor IIJanuary 19, 2010

A lightweight battle between 'The Ultimate Fighter 5' alumni and season 9 finalist Andre Winner is slated to take place on UFC Fight Night 21, with the venue as of now still unconfirmed.

Cole Miller performed an impressive performance to submit Dan Lauzon on UFC 108 only earlier this month, while Andre Winner finished Roli Delgado with a devastating knockout in UFC 105.

This battle of two lightweight losers form The Ultimate Fighter house emphasises what the Ultimate Fighter show is all about in recent seasons. Gone are the days where you expect a fighter on the show to completely run over the UFC competition much like how Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin and Michael Bisping had done.

In the first few seasons, the winner of the contest were seen as future contenders who had a shot at becoming champion one day. Now, the winner of the show is not expected to do much in the UFC.

The top quality free agent talent has thinned severely because of other shows like Bellator and Strikeforce, and because most of the top talent have appeared on The Ultimate Fighter already.

However, there are still guys out there, like Cole Miller and Andre Winner, who are more than able to hold their own in the UFC. Without the show, they'll still be no names who might have trouble getting into any promotion. This is what the Ultimate Fighter does,  and will continue to do, which is to add depth at the middle to lower talent pool in each division. But sooner or later, the talent pool will dry up. When? Only time will tell.