For The Love Of Dale Jr.

Dottie travisCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2010

it is feburary 14 2010, the budwieser Daytona 500. the closing laps of the 500 #88 is in the lead by 5 car lengths. man he is driving that car like a man Possessed passing everyone like they were standing still. even approaching the #18 car giving him a warning tap then gunning it and pulling out and going around old Vile Busch. fans are cheering wildly for our man go junior go. finally the last lap the infamous Last Lap junior crosses the finish line  to the throngs of his cheering fans.

He spins the car in the grass doing dounuts, finally coming to rest on the daytona sign in the infield. he climbs out of his car throws his helmet ontop and the fans jump over the fence to celebrate with there driver. and surprisingly Nascar dosnt stop them infact they precede to help they havent seen this much elation since his old man won the "500" in 1998.

Dale jr. Enjoys his fans, and we in return love him the scence is chaotic in the infield woman crying with joy even some men crying with joy all this crying suddenly gets to jr. and he gets a little emotional. finally its time to take the celebration to victory lane where it is made official junior has won the daytona 500. he hoist that gorgus harley J. earl trophy up over his head and the loudest thunderous applause erupts cameras go off like lightening the smile on Juniors face is worth more then anything its been a long time since we have seen a smile as bueatiful and as bright as that

that is my dream, that is my prayer and for the Love of Dale jr. i wish he would win the Daytona 500. for nothing is greater then seeing someone who tries hard and bust his butt every race win the ultimate prize. the daytona 500.. Lets pray for safety of Junior and lets Hope upon hope that he gets his dream

            FOR THE LOVE OF DALE JR.