... And With The 29th Pick in The 2008 Draft. The Pistons Select D.J. White

timot andarieseCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

With the 29th pick in the draft ,and the best player available according to ESPN being DeAndre Jordan; the Pistons chose D.J. White out of Indiana.

But did the Pistons make the right choice?

Both are 'big men,' with White at 6'9" and Jordan a 7 footer. White started his Junior and Senior seasons. White's points per game rose from 13.8 to 17.4 and in his senior season he averaged 1.6 blocks and 7.5 boards a game. These stats are not the greatest. But, you have to take into account the quality of Big Ten basketball. Granted it is not the ACC or the SEC, but its a different kind of basketball.

Jordan decided to turn pro after one season with Texas A and M. His statistics were lackluster at best. He averaged a little under 8 points per game and 6 boards per game. Perhaps there's a reason that Mr. Jordan fell into the second round and drafted by the Clippers.

Clearly, the better player was White. His experience alone outshines Mr. Jordan's lack their of. The Pistons traded White to the Sonics for two draft picks. With the starters being (PG) Billups, (SG) Hamilton, (SF) Prince, (PF) 'Sheed and (C) McDyess, along with Ratliff and Jason Maxiel on the bench, there is no way to determine if there wasn't a place on the team for him. On the other hand, they did have three second round picks.