FIBA World Basketball Championship 2010 Men and Women Review

Sylita ThomasContributor IJanuary 20, 2010

The FIBA World Basketball Championships 2010 Men and Women (held in Turkey and the Czech Republic) is clearly the most important sporting event in the world of basketball. The men’s tournament was always impressive and full of action and surprises, and that has always made me watch with interest. The tournament is held once every four years, similar to the FIFA World Soccer Championship later this summer.

The FIBA World Basketball Championship 2010 for Men, held in Turkey, will start on the 28th of August and will allow 24 teams that qualified to compete for the title of World Champions. Now, Lithuania and France have provided us with the most spectacular and efficient plays in this tournament in the last installments, but since it is 4 years apart, we can expect some surprises from teams such as the United States and maybe even China (the Chinese are good players, especially because of the discipline).

Ticket information is scarce at best, but I expect it will be clear in a few weeks, since the official site of this year’s tournament has just been established. The venues for the men’s tournament are: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Kayseri. Istanbul provides with two separate arenas, while the other locations provide with only one.

The Women’s FIBA World Basketball Championship 2010 should be equally interesting, as the USA National Team, Russia and Spain are clear favorites. It will take place in the same period as the men’s tournament and will also gather 24 teams.

In any case, I can hardly wait for the “battles” to commence, and I really expect the United States to play as a team this time and prove to the Europeans once and for all that they are the leading authority in basketball, men’s and women’s tournaments alike.