St. Louis Cardinals: Mike Parisi Is Downright Awful

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IJune 26, 2008


Take one glance at St. Louis Cardinals reliever Mike Parisi's statline, and it is pretty mind-boggling as to why he would be in the major leagues. However, not only is Parisi in the majors, but he's actually making appearances.

After yet another loss, moving his record to 0-4, Parisi must be demoted to Triple-A Memphis. He has an astronomically high ERA of 8.22, and the Cardinals bullpen is looking stable enough that there is no reason to have Parisi pitching in the bigs, let alone in tight situations.

It's pretty obvious that Tony La Russa is one of the league's best managers, but I am still at awe as to why we have yet to make the decision to bring up Anthony Reyes.

While the consistent Reyes sits down in Memphis, Parisi continues to blow games for the Cardinals. After a horrid beginning to his career as a major league starter, seeing his ERA go from 2.87 to 8.06 in just three starts, his callup as a reliever hasn't been much better. First he gives up a walk-off two-run blast Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis in the 13th inning, then today, he gives up a walk-off bases-loaded walk.

If you are an MLB pitcher with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count in the ninth inning, you should be able to throw something in the strike zone. Parisi drifted his fourth ball a good two inches wide of the target, allowing Clete Thomas to tally the winning RBI.

Instead, due to Parisi's inability to get hitters out, the Cardinals are left to ponder what could have been on this portion of the road trip.

I thought Ron Villone was bad, but Parisi has now shown me a new low for Cardinals relievers.