Not Enough CFL in the USA

Mike DiMauro@miked31784Senior Writer IJune 26, 2008

I know that this is opening night for the CFL and I feel that the CFL should broadcast their games in the USA on a sports network like Fox Sports or ESPN.

Really, they should broadcast the games on a cable network like ESPN or ESPN2 because those are two of the leaders in sports on cable television.

For the past few years, the CFL was able to get regional sports networks to broadcast the games, like the New England Sports Network (NESN) and Sportsnet New York (SNY). Even though NESN had the New England rights to air the games, I felt that they didn't do their part to do so. They could care less if they had the rights in New England.

I still don't get it though. Isn't The Sports Network (TSN) partly owned by ESPN? Also, doesn't TSN get the NFL's Sunday and Monday Night Football games, along with the Thanksgiving and other special games (excluding Super Bowl)? Why can't ESPN air one or two games a week?

Come on, our American television stations! If the Canadians can see the NFL, why can't we see the CFL?