Lane Kiffin Scandal Coming: Booze, Ladies, Car Wrecks, NCAA Violations

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJanuary 18, 2010

Hell may have no wrath like a woman's scorn, but fan wrath is right up there with it. And now angry fans no longer feel the need to try and protect the King Rat and his court.

Stories and photos are coming out, such as the one above showing Lane Kiffin out drinking with Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, and Kiffin’s brother-in-law David Reaves at a local Knoxville bar, where witnesses say Kiffin was getting cozy with the ladies.

There is also a hushed up story of a car allegedly wrecked by Kiffin, under the influence, with some young ladies in the car. Now that may become public, as well.

Allegedly, Lane Kiffin had female co-eds in a rental car loaned to him through the UT program. Lane Kiffin crashed the car, while possibly intoxicated, and left the scene of the accident by scurrying off with a neighbor who came to his rescue—leaving the ladies to take the fall.

The story goes on to say that someone dropped the loaner car off, which suffered extensive damage. Now the Knoxville car dealership (Lexus) wants their money, since Kiffin plans on jumping ship and neither he nor the school has paid up.

What do you want to bet that car gets magically fixed by Kiffin to help keep it quiet? The problem is that TMZ, a television gossip show, is on the scene in Knoxville and is spreading cash around to anyone with pictures, stories, and proof.

Supposedly, they are building up a whole show's worth of interviews and scandal.

And before it's over, the NCAA may have the last word.

Lane Kiffin allegedly lied before heading off to his destination in Los Angeles, by stating that he will not recruit the players that go to UT unless they call him. The snafu is that his recruiter, Ed Orgeron, slipped up and stated to reporters that they initiated many cell phone calls to some of the 26 Tennessee recruits that they both received commitments from. It has also been stated that Kiffin’s recruiter also told players not to attend spring classes for the week. In addition, students were also offered USC scholarships.

Now the NCAA has come back with their rules stating that a student-athlete that is currently enrolled in one school and then transfers to another must sit out for a year before they will be eligible to compete, and that an institution cannot contact a student-athlete without the permission of the current institution.

Uh oh! These would be penalties that wouldn't affect Tennessee, but would directly affect Kiffin and USC. Kiffin was, in effect, already the head coach of USC at the time these calls were made by his recruiting coordinator, who had just been named to the USC staff, as well.

The school was paying for the cell phones in question, and supposedly, they already have proof from the call records and testimony of athletes to prove this wrong doing did take place.

So not only may USC have hired a scummy coach, they could have bought themselves more NCAA problems, as well. Boy, talk about karma.

TMZ is tracking down other "ladies" who are willing to come forward and tell all for the man who left them just as high and dry. This could be a fun offseason after all, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.