Raiders' Regular Season Wins Play Fourtune Teller in Wild-Card Weekend

rob navarraContributor IJanuary 18, 2010

OK, we all know the Raiders didn't make the playoffs. No surprise there. And the Raiders have nothing to do with the playoffs, right? Not so sure here.

Let's see the connection between the Raiders and the playoffs this year.

So let's take a look at the teams who are playing in the wild card that played the Raiders in the regular season.

The Raiders played the Eagles, Cowboys, Bengals, and Jets. Here's the results.

Eagles 9, Raiders 13

Jets 38, Raiders 0

Bengals 17, Raiders 20

Cowboys 24, Raiders 7

See a connection yet?

These teams played one another in the playoffs. Let's see the results of those games.

Jets 24, Bengals 14

Cowboys 34, Eagles 14

Now do you see the trend?

The teams the Raiders lost to in the regular season were victorious against the teams the Raiders defeated in the regular season.

So does this mean the Raiders are some type of test for playoff teams? Who knows? Just thought I'd point out this trend I noticed.

And this is Rob Navarra reporting from Audubon, N.J. Let's hope this offseason is better than usual, Raider Fans.