Will The Deadman Finally Rest In Peace Come WrestleMania 26?

Victor JordanCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

It seems WWE has found it's equivalent to TNA's yearly Goldberg To TNA rumors,which is The Undertaker's retirement. Almost every year around WrestleMania time rumors of The Deadman's retirement have been almost impossible to not be expected,and with the current direction going for Taker it seems this time his retirement is inevitable,as Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker WrestleMania round 2 seems a go.

Over the years Taker has been battling injury,after injury,after injury,and many feel that this may be the final walk Taker takes amoungst the living,as he has taken more time off during 2007-2009 than he ever has since being with the WWE. And it seems that he may have one more year left in him,if that much.

Taker has contributed so much to the WWE,by jobbing to many young talent to help elevate their careers when others where against it,to filling in the void for injured Top WWE Stars,to once again trying to give SmackDown ratings,while it lost Star Power to RAW from the Draft.

Many feel fans,as well as WWE Superstars themselves feel that The Undertaker's number is finally up. And with The Heart Break Kid Vs The Demon Of Death Valley 2.0 seemingly booked for WrestleMania 26,this just may infact be the actual confirmation of a Taker Retirement.

In my honest opinion i'd hate fir Taker to go out losing his WrestleMania Streak,unless the WWE plan on having Shawn Michaels win the Royal Rumble to face Taker for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship,it's the only way i could see it being deserving of a second Taker/Michaels,because i don't think the second match could outshine the original classic that was Shawn Michaels Vs The Undertaker without the World Championship being on the line,and Michaels coming out on top.