MLB: When Will These Blue Jays Change?

Branden LeemanCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

Back in April of this year, everyone was talking about how this is the Blue Jays' year and how this is their time to win the division.


Ok. It's now almost the end of June and the Jays have lost almost as many one run ball games as they have won.


Where is the offense? Vernon Wells, I mean, who is he again? Isn't he supposed to be our star player? Well, let's look at stats since they always tell the truth. Last season's numbers from Vern were as follows: 16 home runs 80 RBI and an average of .245. This guy is supposed to be are super star, not your average hitter.


And this guy Alex Rios, who just signed a huge deal, is playing terribly. Come on man, can Toronto buy a break? Apparently not. After trading Troy Glaus for Scott Rolen, Rolen was injured before the season even started.


The one thing this team does have is pitching. I will give them that. With a solid rotation of Holliday, Marcum, McGowan, Litsch the only hole there seems to be Burnett who is so over rated it is not even funny.


So when will it be the Blue Jays time? Who knows really. I love this team to death, but it always seems that when high expectations come upon this club they fold.

Branden Leeman June 26 2008 6:22pm