Big Girls Don't Cry... Unless The Cowboys Loose.

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Big Girls Don't Cry... Unless The Cowboys Loose.
After many tears streamed down my face as I had a meeting with the American Standard in the third quarter, I put down the Beretta, and realized it wasn't the end of the world, just the end of another season for my boys. Granted, the Vikings are a good team, I mean, they have been blessed with Favre and Peterson, I still maintain that the Cowboy's hearts just weren't in this one. BUT (there is always a but), I have sensed a pattern! Since Romo has been with the Cowboys, they have gone one game deeper intdo the play offs. What does this mean for we lay fans? We can expect a Super Bowl in 2013. Given that we have the same team we do today. It looks as though I will be sending my love elsewhere for the remaining games. Maybe I will share my love of the games with my KC Chiefs fans and get into their draft, or I could root for the Vikings next week, pleasing all my Minnesota natives. Who knows?
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