This Is A Man's World

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This Is A Man's World
As I sat down with my morning cup of coffee and opened my laptop to see what disaster has come about today, I realized that today is the day of the Cowboys-Vikings showdown at the Metrodome. My stomach turned to knots, as I looked back over the past few playoff games. I remember stating that I wished there were more action in the match-up of these teams. And then I thought about Romo going up against Favre. More knots... Vomiting almost ensued. Just for the record, I am a live and die Cowboy's fan, but there are other teams that I follow. The Vikings is one of those teams. Also in this "Amber sorta likes" category are the Colts and the KC Chiefs. I just love football, and in this Man's World in which I live, that is something that has been bestowed upon my character. So with the knowledge I have, my brain goes NUTS thinking about the past season. What kind of performance will my boys have? Will they be able to make that 3rd and long? Will D. Ware go after Favre as passionately as he has gone for the throat of quarterbacks in previous games? Then there is my main concern: Will Romo be able to connect with Austin and Whitten and make that run down the field?
When you go up against a team that is equipped with players like the best RB in the NFL, and a seasoned, experienced quarterback that plays as well as he did 10 years ago, you have to wonder how a team that has come accustomed to running on luck, and pulling out in the second half will fair.
As it stands it it 17 minutes to game time and my stomach is going crazy. I suppose all my questions will be answered in due time.

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