If it's only two deep, take Beasley

Tyler JonesAnalyst IJune 26, 2008

Miami would be making a big mistake trading down in tonight's NBA draft.

In a draft that appears 2 deep to many, drafting Beasley is the smart decision. Miami has a superstar in Dwayne Wade and promising depth with Shawn Marion , assuming any of those players will be back next season.

Wouldn't adding a player that can come in and make an immediate impact benefit that kind of team? Marion, is becoming an aged vet. Young talent with knowledgeable experience was something that worked for the Heat in Wade's first few years along with Shaquille O'Neal.

Now you reverse the rolls. An experienced guard in Wade with some young energy in Beasley could be effective in Miami. Then there are the alternatives, which could involve whether those players are back.

The rumors involving Wade for a trade up are ridiculous. Why would Miami give up a franchise player for a new one when they can draft another franchise player with the one they have? The real question here is how did Derrick Rose become this much better than Beasley. Answer: the NCAA tournament. Rose's draft stock jumped considerably during his tournament play. The difference was rose had a #1 seeded squad to back him at Memphis. Beasley had Kansas State, which lost in the second round after it pulled the first round upset of the O.J. Mayo-led USC Trojans.

That takes us to another alternative, trading down. Trading down? For what? No trade in tonight's draft is going to add enough depth to the Miami roster. Kevin Love and Mayo could have good NBA careers, but Beasley is the only one available who will improve a team come November 2008. He proved that by carrying a subpar Kansas State tam, while other rookies had lesser freshman showings on better teams.

For anyone who wants immediate improvement, the bottom line is that this draft is not too deep. It's two deep. And that's it.