Ric Flair Signed with TNA Because He Was Terrified of Randy Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 18, 2010

After weeks of speculation, the real motivation behind Ric Flair's recent signing with TNA has been revealed.

After Flair's final confrontation with WWE Superstar Randy Orton, he decided to cut his ties with the WWE and pursue work elsewhere.

Can't really blame him, but at least he was smart enough to recognize that he had gotten himself in too deep with his former protégé, who is known for having something of a violent temper.

For those who remember the program Flair worked with Orton during the middle of 2009, you remember seeing Flair humiliated on national television week after week.

When his close friend Dave Batista couldn't handle himself against Randy Orton, Flair tried to step in and protect him.

His attempts failed as both he and Batista eventually paid a price.

They paid a price for the actions they committed together along with Triple H five years prior.

After Randy Orton had become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, Triple H, Batista, and Ric Flair turned on him and beat him down.

The motivation behind their attack stemmed from the fear Triple H had of Orton.

He saw Randy Orton at 24 years of age, win the same championship that he spent months trying to attain and knew that he would have to resort to a group assault if he wanted to get the upper hand.

He did just that.

What Triple H, Batista, and Flair were not aware of is that they planted the seed in the mind of this disturbed Superstar to begin with.

Over the years, Orton has made them pay for the decisions that they made together.

Triple H lost his championship, saw his family punished for his actions, and has since been relegated to the tag-team division where he now associates with the likes of leprechauns as he has been proven incapable of competing in the WWE Championship scene so long as Orton's a part of it.

While they are both members of the same program (Raw), Triple H knows better than to instigate fights with the man who has essentially knocked his career down multiple pegs.

As far as Batista, Randy Orton became his travel agent.

Anytime Batista needed a vacation, Orton punted him in the skull and sent him to his favorite destination...

The sofa.

When he got off the sofa and tried to come back and take Orton's championship, he had his arm broken and was sent right back to where he belonged.

It still remains unclear whether or not Randy Orton humiliated Ric Flair as a punishment to Batista (who couldn't defend himself alone) or whether his attacks were simply a result of Ric Flair's instigation.

The instigation that began when Ric Flair participated in the group assault of Orton back in 2004, or the instigation that ensued when Flair lied to Orton (telling him that Batista was the best in the business) and picked a fight with his physical superior.

Orton defeated Ric Flair in a cage match at Taboo Tuesday 2004; but Flair refused to stay down.

Orton put him down by punting him in the head back in 2007, but Flair couldn't resist the temptation of coming back to instigate another fight with Orton in 2009.

If you recall during their Parking Lot Brawl, Flair jumped Orton from behind, showing the cowardice that he's always personified during confrontations with Randy.

As a result, he was punted in the skull again, hard enough to do some permanent damage.

Orton might have very well punted Flair in the skull so hard that he actually believes that TNA is the premiere wrestling promotion in North America.

In some ways, it's sad, but in others, it's justified.

There can be no question that Ric Flair would have never been harmed had he not cast the first stone, but he did.

His being a glutton for punishment resulted in Flair subjecting himself to beating after beating.

And where did it get him?


Now Flair is forced to perform amongst the minor leagues as a result of his shame.

He could have had a fruitful relationship with the WWE, but his decisions cost him and they cost him dearly.

As for Randy Orton?

Well, as they say, it's only a matter of time.

Only a matter of time until destiny strikes again.

Disclaimer: The above published content is as fictional as the storylines presented in Sports Entertainment. They are not meant to express my personal beliefs regarding the performers mentioned but rather, are a reflection upon how I have viewed the progression of their characters. So please, don’t confuse this entertainment-piece with reality; no matter how accurate the judgments may appear.


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