2010 Begins As Last Year Ended ... In Hypocrisy

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2010 Begins As Last Year Ended ... In Hypocrisy

As the 2010 Grand Slam season begins in earnest Down Under and we all reflect on the strengths of both the Men's & Women's Tour, it is also time we take time to reflect on the incredible hypocrisy which the Women's Tour has promulgated upon us ... 

... that being that the Women's Tour deserve the same Purse as the Men's Tour !!!

How can this be ???   I have asked this question each and every year, and @ each and every Grand Slam, but never to be adequately answered ... 

Why, I ask, don't the Women play best 3 of 5 sets like the Men if they want the same money ???   It's not like we're asking them to compete against the Men, like Women all over the world do daily in their workforce ... 

Simple ... Hypocrisy !!!   Just like Serena doesn't think she would have been singled out if she were a man ... it is hypocritical to purport that Women playing anything less than 3 of 5 sets is faire, ethical, and just ...

Add my name to the list of people who find the Women's game wonderful to watch, but not really it ought to be !!!

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