Glenn Murray: Peter Chiarelli Must Make a Decision on His Future NOW!

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJune 26, 2008

There are four days left for Bruins' GM Peter Chiarelli to make what looks to be a hard decision in weather or not to buy out Glen Murray. 

From 30,000 feet up, it looks as though this is a no brainer.  The Bruins need a goal scorer who will capitalize on their chances, something Murray could not do last year.  Murray also looks a step slower than everyone on the ice.  No brainer right?

Not necessarily.

The Bruins look as though they are giving Murray the benefit of the doubt that last season was just an off season for the one time NHL feared sniper.  Murray was injured a bunch last year, he looked a step or two slower than the game itself, and he couldn't capitalize on his chances when they came his way.  The later was a direct quote from Chiarelli during a press conference at the NHL Draft.

So, why is this such a hard decision for Chiarelli and the Bruins brass?  Loyalty?  Maybe Murray is too close to Neely and Sweeney who are Chiarelli's boys now?  Maybe he has a great presence in the locker room with all the young players?  Only time (which is ticking away quickly) will tell.

We do know this much: If the Bruins buyout Murray they, would trim their cap hit by $2,766,667 million in 2008-'09. They would have to carry the remaining $1,383,333 million on their cap number in 2009-10.

Mr. Chiarelli, do what is right for the team.  Buyout Murray and use that money to better your team.  Four days left and counting.