RyanCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

    I was reading a couple of articles today about the SEC OOC schedules and I have to say that Florida is definitely not leading the pack. I was curious just how bad it was and to my surprise, it was that bad. Many from Florida will say that they don't need to play a tough OOC schedule because they play in the best conference in the nation. I won't dispute the fact that at the top the SEC has been the best the past few years. For some reason they have confused their top teams success with the rest of the league's success. In my opinion, the SEC is just like every other conference in the nation. Usually the top three in most leagues are pretty strong, some more than others. I believe that was proven this bowl season with Northwestern and Auburn. Anything below the top is a toss up. I just believe that Florida is missing the boat by not cashing in on these great OOC games at the beginning of the year. As a Buckeye fan I would love to do a home and home with Florida. Penn State and Bama are doing it, why should Florida think it is the exception to the rule. I would just like to see some real logical explanation from an educated SEC fan as to why Florida believes it doesn't need to play against the big boys on their turf. I only see it as a fair question seeing as all the bowl games are on your turf for the most part. Look at your OOC for the next two years and tell me it's worthy of BCS. C'mon Man!!!!