NHL: Could Ray Emery Be Joining the Stanley Cup Champs?

Steve MContributor IJune 26, 2008

There have been reports out of Detroit that recently released net-minder Ray Emery has received calls from the Red Wings front office. 

Emery has been spinning off the face of the earth with his antics and poor behavior over the past few years and would be a terrible choice for any team who is willing to pay anything for him.

If a team can sign him to a one-year for anything around $500,000, would be considered a steal. However, anything higher than that is not worth the chance. 

My advice to the Red Wings is to give Chris Osgood the 50 starts he deserves and keep glorified farm goaltender Jimmy Howard in Detroit as the backup. 

This will also keep some cap space open for the Wings to do what they do best and work some deals during the playoff push near the trade deadline. 

If problems in net to arise during the season the Wings have a lot of money and assets they could move and get a Osgood type backup in return ( Jakob Kindl or Jonathon Ericcson). 

So I wouldn't count on Emery flying into Detroit with all his baggage considering the Ilitch family run a first-class respectable organization who wouldn't tolerate Emery's ego and "me first" attitude.

Look for Ray to catch a flight out to possibly LA or Toronto to back up Toskala.