Monday Night Raw: Can You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?

Mackenzie HelmsCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2010

"Finally The Rock Will Come Back To Monday Night Raw!"

In an interview with the Ottawa Sun, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson told the reporter that he's absolutely planning on return to the WWE. He also said that he plans to guest host Monday Night Raw somewhere near summer.

The Rock said that he has a very good relationship with Vince Mcmahon and that he was supposed to host the January 14th edition of Monday Night Raw but due to his busy schedule he had to go to Mexico promote his new movie, The Tooth Fairy.

The Rock also said that he's planning a very special Raw for when he returns.

So I ask you, the fans what do you think The Rock is planning for Monday Night Raw?

"It Doesn't Matter What You Think!"

I'm Just kidding guys.

Maybe The Rock's return could be a 3 hour Monday Night Raw special?

Perhaps the WWE could hold back the 2010 Draft until The Rock's return?

Or could The Rock finally wrestle his first match since 2004 on that night?

Are we even sure that the guest host concept would last until summer?

I know I'm taking this way out of proportion but I'm a huge Dwayne Johnson fan and I got psyched when I heard that The Rock might host Monday Night Raw!

What's your opinion on this situation?