The Chase Headley Era Is About To Start!

Gig SineniContributor IJanuary 17, 2010

Kouz is finally gone.... Not that I dislike the guy (he is a class act) but it's about time!  Just wait; this time, next year, we'll all be singing the praises of Chase Headley and how well he played third base and hit, how our young team contended and how much fun the Padres of 2010 were to watch. 

What's next??  Yes, we need a backup catcher and/or someone to split the duties with Hundley.  Pitching?  I hear Hoyer is looking for another starter.  What a shame we could not sign Randy Wolf again.  Is Cole Hamels available?  I'll bet he'd love to come home!!  But no, I don't see that happening anytime soon but it would be cool.

Has anyone commented about Greg Maddux; how he has just become a key assistant to Jim Hendry of the Cubs?  If Kevin Towers were still with the Pads, I don't think that would have happened.... Can anyone think of a more brilliant pitcher and someone they want to be associated with other than Greg?  Given a choice between the two cities and teams, I honestly believe Maddux wanted to work with the Padres.  Anyone else feel the same??  Now I sense Maddux is about to become the GM in waiting for the Cubs just like Ryne Sandburg is their future Manager.  While Sandberg has no SD connection, Maddux does.  Maybe Hoyer and company can figure out a way to bring Maddux back home.  Soon??

Thanks -

Gig Sineni

Lake Mary, FL