EURO 2008: Catching up on Things

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

Wow did one team make it to the Finals already? Well I am back and going to give a short summary on what has happened so far. Spain beat Italy in a classic shootout and Russia beat the Netherlands getting into the Semis for the first time since they were Communists. Now for the big article. Germany vs Turkey.

Now I do recall making a big prediction in saying "Germany will beat Turkey". I was right but was almost wrong. Turkey put up a great fight against the Germans near the end of the game. Germany scored first then Turkey. It went into the next half 1-1 and soon Germany scored again in the 75th minute.

Now sportscenter brings up the fact about Turkey coming back and winning after the 75th minute but I was positive this was Germany's game. Germany seemed to be in control for most of the half after that but not until the 88th minute. Where, once again, Turkey tied it up! So here we go into another-. Wait just one minute look at Germany.
In the 90th minute Germany goes all the way down and scored giving Germany a great victory against Turkey sending them into the EURO 2008 finals. Great match and I do have to send out my apologies to Turkey for saying they were awful. Turkey put up a great it was just not enough this time.

 So will it be Germany vs Spain or Germany vs Russia. Oh this could be another chance for Russia to get back at Germany again. The Fanatic is done here but come back for some more EURO 2008 action.