Revealing Tidbits from the Cardinals' 45-14 Loss to the Saints

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Revealing Tidbits from the Cardinals' 45-14 Loss to the Saints
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Here’s my analysis from the Cardinals’ loss to the Saints: New Orleans was the better football team and dominated in every aspect.

Now that we’ve gotten the analysis out of the way, here’s a few of things observed during the 45-14 Saints’ blowout.

  • Fox likes taunting Cardinals fans

    Maybe it was just me, but every time Fox cut to a shot of Brenda Warner in the first half, it felt like Fox’s way of saying “Cardinal fans, it’s Kurt’s last game. She can’t raise seven kids herself.”

    Every time they cut to Kim Kardashian in the second half, it felt like the network reminding Cardinals fans that “it’s impressive to be the thing that sucks the most in this building with her here, but you did it!”

  • The Cardinals' loss won’t be the most embarrassing thing on Fox today

    Did you see the previews for the Wanda Sykes show tonight? The Cardinals could have given up an even 100 to the Saints, and I think it still only would have been the second most embarrassing program of the day.

    It would take a lot to make someone long for the Mad TV days, but I think Wanda might have pulled it off.

  • I own way too many Cardinal jerseys

    Superstitions led me to changing jerseys four times. Started with an authenticLarry Fitzgerald one to start the game. Changed to a Beanie Wells one at halftime then to a black Fitzgerald jersey in the third and then desperately to a throwback Jake Plummer one with eight minutes left.

    I think I have a problem bigger than a blowout loss,

  • Fox’s Human Target premieres tomorrow

    They showed this promo about as many times as TBS showed frank TV commercials during the baseball playoffs in 2007. By the 15th time I saw the spot, I realized two things. One, the action scenes looked really cheesy and two, I wish I had a parachute and the back of a train to jump out of so I didn’t have to get away from the debacle that was the game.

  • Cardinal fans now know what it is like to be NBC and Jay Leno

    The beating the Saints put on the Cardinals made the lashing NBC and Jay Leno took this week look humane.

  • Deuce McAllister had a major impact on the game even though he didn’t suit up

    At least that’s what Fox’s broadcast crew said late in the fourth quarter.

  • Kurt Warner is ballsy

    Last week Kurt Warner settled the debate about whether he was a hall of fame quarterback or not. This week his balls earned a spot in the hall too.

    Not only did he attempt to chase down a defensive lineman after an interception, he also came back from one of the biggest hits I’ve ever seen.

    They won’t even have to do anything for the plaque. I’m pretty sure those bad boys are bronze already.

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