The Boston Breakers: There's New Blood in Beantown

Todd Civin@ Writer IJanuary 17, 2010

The Boston Breakers: There's New Blood in Beantown

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Some Punch Up Front: First Round-Lauren Cheney, UCLA-F

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Rough and Rugged in Front of the Net: First Round-Alyssa Naeher, Penn State-GK

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Deuce Is Wild: Second Round-Jordan Angeli, Santa Clara-D

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Second Half of the Pair-Third Round-Katherine Reynolds-Santa Clara-D

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A Sleeper in the Fifth-Cynthia Morote-Ariza, Loyola-Chicago-F

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A Husker Becomes A Breaker-Carly Peetz, Nebraska-D

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DiMartino The Sequel-Gina DiMartino, Boston College-

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From the Banks of the River Charles-Casey Brown, Boston U-Defender

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From the Rockies to the East Coast-Taryn Hemmings, University of Denver-F

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The Captain of the Ship is Very Pleased

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The GM Speaks: “We came out with the two players we went in hoping for.”

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