Name Change For 2010 Topps UFC Cards

Jason McDowellContributor IJanuary 16, 2010

With about a month to go until Topps first 2010 UFC card issue is suppose to hit the streets the company has announced a name change. Originally the name "Uncaged" was going to be used. "Main Event" will be the new name of the set. Topps is still standing by their late February release date.

Most of the promo shots that they've shown so far from the set say Uncaged on them. Many are curious to see if the name will be swapped out for Main Event or if they'll have a different look. Topps has only said that even though the name has changed the number of pulls per box has stayed the same.

We'll see if this move doesn't cause a domino effect that moves the release date back on this product. Most collectors of past Topps UFC cards would welcome the delay as a glut in the market is feared.