Kim Couture's Views on Her Fight With Kim Rose

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJune 26, 2008

Kim Couture stated in an interview with Mike Sloan for just six days after her fight that it was her decision to continue with all three five minute rounds after her jaw was broken with the first blow Kim Rose threw.

"We met in the middle of the ring, I was ready to tap gloves with my left hand down and she struck me in the jaw."  Kim was quick to explain that she was not at all inferring that Rose was a dirty fighter or had taken a cheap shot.  She maintained that she had expected to tap gloves and was just taken off guard when her opponent took the first shot at that moment.

"She might have just been nervous, or her corner could have told her to get the first hit in quick." then quickly reiterated that she didn't blame Rose at all.

When asked if she wanted to quit the fight when all the blood started flowing, Kim said "of course not" and that she had been bloodied before when practicing in the gym.  "I am not the type to freak at blood."

She also is not the type to quit due to pain.  Her jaw was broken in two places.  It was broken clean through at the mid-line of her chin and also below her right ear.  She admitted that she was in a considerable amount of pain for the whole 15 minutes, but didn't consider quiting an option.

Neither did she want her husband Randy to throw in the towel at any point as the fight progressed.  "I would not have been at all happy if he had done that."  In fact she reiterated later, "I would have killed him!"

She actually felt she dominated Rose in rounds two and three because in spite of the pain in her separated jaw, and the fact that it hurt terribly as the broken bones overlapped, she was able to continue to take her opponent down "at will."

Although she had no claims to having won the fight, she felt she fought well and was proud of her self for gutting it out and lasting the whole fight.

"Without being able to use my chin and neck I couldn't work the choke even when I was in a position to do it."

After seeking a second opinion, Kim found a doctor who said he could put titanium plates in her jaw, mend it and "she would be able to eat a steak the same night."

Shocked, her interviewer stated he thought she would have had to have her jaw wired and be unable to eat for weeks.  "That is why I am so glad I got a second opinion," Kim replied and quoted the doctor as saying treatment had progressed a lot since that was the preferred treatment. 

The interview was held just before her surgery was to be performed at Kim Couture's request ostensibly to clear up some statements made in Sherdog after the fight that she felt were unfair and incorrect.

Kim may be able to eat what she wants after her surgery, but other than some strength training and conditioning she can not practice in the ring for six weeks.

However now Kim is anxious for a rematch and a chance to redeem herself insisting "I can take her down and her ground game is not as good as mine."

She made the interviewer promise to watch the tapes of the fight again, disregard the blood, which she admitted "was disgusting to see," and notice that she (Couture) landed a lot of shots of her own, and was trying to submit Rose with just five seconds left in the third round.  The judges unanimous 27-30 decision was lower than she liked, "but it must have been very difficult for them to watch (due to all the blood coming from her mouth).

All in all, Kim is anxious to return to fighting and says she is planning on a win next time.  Way to go Kim!  You are one hell of a woman MMA fighter.