Wrestling's Biggest "WTF?!" Moments of the Decade

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Wrestling's Biggest

Face it, wrestling fans: We love the bizarre.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the picture to your left. Those of you who were watching wrestling in 1999-2000 will probably remember this man as Mideon. For all you younger fans, just refer to him as "Epic Win."

I bring this up because somewhere in the bowels of Titan Towers, someone thought this would appeal to the wrestling fan base.

Yes, apparently all the marketing and demographic data the bean counters at WWF came up with predicted that throngs of teenage boys would love nothing better than to see Mr. Win streak across RAW with a fanny pack covering his Parts Unknown.

And we did. And by we, I mean me, because that's just how I roll.

When people ask me today why I love wrestling so much, I just leave this pic on their Facebook with a " ;-) " in the comment box.

In that weird, Guy-Who-Drives-a-Van-for-a-Living sort of way, this list celebrates those moments that just leave you scratching your head and somewhat embarrassed at the time you tried to tell the girl next door that "it's like a bloody ballet. "

All of these incidents occurred behind the camera sometime this decade, because only there could we possibly find weirder content than a tattooed Mideon's bare ass. As a general rule, I don't cover deaths, for obvious reasons, or Chyna, because I never, EVER want to remember the time I torrented her "video" with X-Pac.

Don't ask. Tequila and PEZ were involved. On with the list.

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