West Virginia FB: Rich Rodriguez, Film Critic

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West Virginia FB: Rich Rodriguez, Film Critic
IconI LOVE it when reporters get intense, competitive, successful football coaches off-topic...because you get an idea of how their minds work on the things most of us deal with every day.

Somehow, WVU coach Rich Rodriguez got on the topic of movies in a recent interview with the Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail, noting that his wife Rita (former WVU cheerleader) talked him into seeing Evan Almighty.

Rodriguez enjoyed the experience.

"The popcorn was good," he said. "The little chocolate-covered raisins were good."

And it gets better. Coach Rod starts free-associating, and here's what comes out:

Evan Almighty is "the only movie I've been to the last 15 years. I went to one 15 years ago and it was The Crying Game and I ain't been back since and you can understand why."


Now why would that be?

We have some theories:

- Contrarian cineaste Coach Rod though crit-fave Forrest Whitaker was "overrated."

- Law-and-order Coach Rod thought the film was too sympathetic to IRA terrorists.

- Music purist Coach Rod was offended by the Boy George cover of the movie's title song.

- Oh, right: A chick turns out to be a dude! With a you-know-what! That they show in shadow!

My friend Rob points out that Coach Rod's objection is a little odd, considering he sees 100 young men in various states of undress just about every day.

I'm reminded of the great Richard Brookheiser line about conservative politician Jack Kemp on race relations:

"Jack Kemp, who, as a professional athlete, showered with more black men than most white liberals..."

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