Had Oden Remaining Healthy for His First 3 Years in the NBA?

Richard TanzilContributor IJanuary 15, 2010

How good would he be?

For those of you who think Oden is overrated, you're wrong but is he an injury prone? yeah I guess.

Oh and btw Oden was the best player on the 2007 draft, it's easier to find a common 6'9'' guard/forward who can shot than find a center who can dominate in both end of floors.

And I think Oden did well even though his career is such an injury prone, he only played less than 24 minutes during his first 2 years in the NBA, yet he averaged almost double double. (11 PPG and 8 RPG while shot over 60% and blocked 2.3 per game in this season before injury stopped him)

You don't know what would Oden have done had he remaining healthy (without surgery etc)

If he plays more than 30 minutes per game, he'll automatically be a double double guy I think.