MMA Matchups: What's Your Dream Fight?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJune 25, 2008

I don't care what division it is, or when and where the fight takes place. All I'm asking is what would your absolute dream match-up from the MMA world be? 

I understand some people might want to throw other organizations in there, so I'll make it better. You have the entire MMA roster in the world at your disposal.  Give me your dream match-up of any two fighters in the same division.

Below I will list my dream match-ups from each division. I appreciate any and all comments, but as always, please keep it clean.

One last discretionary note before the list begins: I ask that you please be aware of WHO is in WHAT division, as the last thing I need is Tim Sylvia vs. Urijah Faber to be posted! Anyways, please post away.


Lightweight Division

Kenny Florian vs. BJ Penn

This has all the makings of a great fight.  I'm a huge fan of both fighters, and if Huerta vs. Florian hadn't already been planned, I'd have that down here.

It was a real treat to see Florian and Sherk go at it, and, in my humble opinion, an even bigger treat to see Florian vs. Lauzon (can you tell I'm a Bostonian?).

If Florian wins in August, don't be shocked to see this one come true.


Welterweight Division

George St. Pierre vs. Carlos Condit

This wouldn't be such a bad match-up, now would it? In my opinion, GSP is obviously the best guy at 170 pounds, and I think he has a chance to dominate that division like Silva did at 185 pounds. But "the natural born killer" sure would be a tough, young guy to give GSP his money's worth.

I wouldn't mind seeing Karo Parisyan vs. GSP here either.


Middleweight Division

Anderson Silva vs. Cung Le

As much as I was compelled to put the one and only Paulo Filho in Cung Le's position, we all know that will never happen unless Filho gets drunk again and starts swearing at Silva in Portuguese.

Cung Le seems to be the only guy right now who would be able to do something to Silva, and I say this because of his strikes. I am the first guy to say Anderson Silva is beatable, but I'm the last guy who could tell you how.


Lightheavyweight Division

Quinton Jackson vs. Thiago Silva

I'm sure at this point you all know that I'm pretty high on Thiago Silva. I was tempted to put Forrest Griffin here, but that's already being done. If he wins over Rampage, then substitute his name for Jackson.

However, I think that Silva has a mean streak in him, and this would be one for the ages. You can plug so many guys in here, like Rashad Evans, Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua (once healed), and so many others. Deep division all over.


Heavyweight Division

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture

Okay. So, I'm a follower. I want to see this as much as anyone else. However, I have to say that this ring rust can't be helping Couture as he's only getting older.

To be quite honest, I'd love to replace Couture in this spot, and put Andrei Arlovski in his place. No, not the new Andrei. The one that had fangs, long hair, a nasty beard, and a mean right hand to go with a dangerous kick. That Pitbull.

If not, I'll simply take Couture vs. Kimbo to see what it's like for a street thug to be handled by a grappling genius.


Hope my picks weren't too bad. As always, feel free to visit my website at Thanks for reading.