PUMA WPS Match Ball Selects Best Cheese Steak in Philly

Todd Civin@https://twitter.com/toddcivin1Senior Writer IJanuary 14, 2010

On day one, the soon to be unveiled PUMA WPS Match ball appeared on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On day two, the famous bouncing pill showed up in Philly's renowned Italian Market Place, and today, with her unmasking just over the horizon, the famed sphere decided what most Philadelphians have battled over for centuries.

Gino's or Pat's? Pat's or Gino's? It has been the topic of conversation and a sticking point between friends since cheese was first introduced to steak. Every Philadelphian from Franklin to Dr. J and from Schmidt to Mitts has had their opinion and based on the photo above it appears the PUMA WPS Match ball has decided on her favorite, as well.

Perhaps filling up at Pat's before her big unveiling tonight at the NSCAA Soccer Convention in Philadelphia, the ball enjoyed one with everything on it, prior to making her big appearance.

With the city of Yo, completely abuzz as to where the ball would show up next, one has to assume she will leave the famed Philly Cheese steak eatery and prep herself for her grand entrance. 

The unveiling of the top-secret pill will also be carried on Fox Soccer Channel tonight.

Media people throughout the country have been participating with PUMA in the soccer ball version of "Where in the World Is" as the PUMA WPS ball makes her way around the city. Fans have been eagerly following the mysterious ball since earlier this week as The City of Brotherly Love prepares for the Second Annual WPS Draft to begin Friday at 10:00 AM.