NBA Draft 2008: A Look At The Tops Prospects

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 25, 2008

Here is an in- depth look at three of the top prospects in this year’s NBA Draft:


1) Derrick Rose

Pros: One of the few pure point guards in the draft this year.

He has the ability to create his own shot off of the dribble. He has great vision and passing skills, and is able to create plays in transition.

Cons: His shooting skills need improvement. He had great success as a freshman in college, but his numbers weren’t overly spectacular.

2) Michael Beasley

Pros: He possesses outstanding scoring skills from both near and away from the basket. He is a very solid rebounder, and projects to be a 20- 10 guy for years. His college numbers compare favorably to Kevin Durant, the rookie sensation from last year’s draft.

His true height remains suspect.

Beasley has been measured anywhere from six-foot-eleven to six-foot-seven.

While at six-foot-eleven, Beasley would reasonably be able to play power forward and even center in the NBA, he wouldn’t project as much more than a small forward if his height comes out to be more towards six-foot-seven.

Just how well Beasley would be able to play as a small forward is still an unknown commodity.

3) O.J Mayo

Pros: Despite being only a freshman, he one of the most NBA ready and well rounded players in this year’s draft.

He gives a consistent and strong effort on defense. He is believed to be able to play both point guard and shooting guard.

At six-foot-five, Mayo will usually have a height advantage over defenders in the NBA.

If Mayo proves he can play the point in the NBA, he should have an especially large height advantage, which would make him a force to be reckoned with on both offense and defense.

Cons: Mayo carries with him a great amount of baggage, primarily in respect to allegations that he was receiving benefits from a sports agency company since he was in high school.

Also, while many teams covet him for his point guard skills, his combo-guard style could turn him into the next Stephon Marbury if he doesn’t learn to look for the pass before trying to create a shot.