Top Five MMA Clothing Brands You Don't Know but Should

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJanuary 14, 2010

Modern MMA society like other sports allows its fanbase to delve deep into their pockets and collect gear and clothing to style around the house and in the public eye.

The "typical" popular brands include the likes of Affliction, Bad Boy, Silver Star, and many more. However, here are five smaller, lesser-known MMA clothing brands that fans may want to sink their teeth into in the coming future:


1. Scrappler

The Scrappler brand is an up-and-coming logo that is all about the fight and effort put into MMA. A basic, but effective logo, Scrappler's motto is filled with mantras of grit and scrap to go with a little bit of heart. Already recognized in multiple MMA magazines, look for this brand in the near future to not disappoint.

Some of the cooler options Scrappler makes available are through their creativity, putting logos on everything from rash guards to jerseys, fight shorts and hoodies, and much more. 

For more information about Scrappler, visit and check out the cool gear.


2. Boston Brawler

Boston Brawler is a northeastern-based company that has a soft spot in the hearts of many locals. Using very creative logos, sometimes very Bostonian themes such as the Boston Celtics, and Irish themes, the company has seen interest gradually increase to the point where they now are known outside of the local setting. Sponsored by events such as the WCF, Reality Fighting, and Submission Ink's Grappling Tournament in New Mexico, the brand is certainly one to watch grow over the next few years.

Visit for more information about this New Hampshire-based company.


3. Konflikt MMA

Konflikt MMA is a brand that many MMA clothing fans, and simply clothing fans in general, should take a long, hard look at in the short-term future. This company's brand is exceptional, with popular designs such as fleur-de-lis's and a quite brutally good-looking font of text.

It's owner Norman Del Rosario has done a masterful job with limited resources on an island in Saipan, and imagine what he could do with more time and money. This brand is one that fighters should seriously look into, as some already have. The likes of Mark Munoz, Junie Browning, and Philippe Nover have all tried Del Rosario's branding, and they don't seem too disappointed.Konflikt MMA Clothing believes in alwaysaccepting a challenge, refusing to play it safe, taking chances, never backing down and putting it all on the line for what you believe in.

Konflikt MMA Clothing embodies the heart and soul of those into MMA Lifestyle. The mission is to create authentic, high quality products for the top mixed martial artists in the world. Konflikt MMA Clothing is dedicated to providing excellence in design and quality at a value that consumers appreciate. For more information about Konflikt MMA Clothing please visit


4. Crooked Jaw

Now some television buffs out there may remember this brand from the short-term show Shark Tank, which aired for a few short weeks on ABC. Its founder Craig French phenomenally attempted to woo investors into making his brand the show's first accepted proposal, but the "sharks" didn't bite. French still has outfitted big-time fighters, as shown by Rich Clemente's support of CJ in one picture and Paul Bradley's in another.

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5. Insanity Fightwear

Lesser known for a specific brand, Insanity Fightwear is more of a company that offers some great MMA products for low prices. From beanies to women's wear, Insanity has it all.

Another great feature that is atypical of many brands is the ability to custom make shirts and other clothing. At Insanity, they give you this option on top of their already high-quality clothing. Add to that probably the lowest prices you'll find on MMA gear, and you have a nice recipe for success in the near future.

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