Lane Kiffin To USC Defines The True Meaning of Selfishness and Betrayal

Dan ScofieldAnalyst IJanuary 13, 2010

The tale goes like this.

In his last year at Bloomington Jefferson High School, Lane Kiffin brought an intelligent, cute girl to his senior prom.

After a couple of fairly-fun (yet predictable) hours of dancing and chatting, Kiffin found himself eyeing another girl across the room while slow-dancing with his date.

That girl, a fully-developed Barbie-look-alike at 18 years old, sent him a wink and a kiss while his head rested on his date's shoulder, mesmerized by the platinum-blonde hair and short-cut dress painted on his new crush.

However, he had heard a few rumors about this apparent "hottie". She was constantly accused of cheating not only in her academics, but in her social life as well.

After the song, Kiffin pulled a traditional time-saver, asking his date if she could get him a cup of punch. With his date gone and the prom queen in front of his eyes, the two slipped away through the emergency exit, leaving the poor girl with two cups of punch alone on the dance floor.

17 years later, Kiffin has continued the selfish trend, and has broken the hearts of many more.

With the announcement of his abandoning of Tennessee in order to take his "dream" job in Southern California, Kiffin has officially shown what he is all about: himself.

Before I explain, let me make it known that coming with him to USC is a fantastic, mature, and talented coaching staff equipped with Monte Kiffin and Ed Oregorn.

Unlike Lane, his father has made a living in football by teaching X's and O's and winning football games. Oregorn, although another unique personality, is a master of the recruiting trail and will recruit teams that will have a full cupboard year in and year out.

As great as Kiffin's surrounding staff will be, one must remember who will lead this football team. That man, already crowned King of Secondary Violations in only one year as a head coach, was a risky and desperate choice for USC's Mike Garrett.

With NCAA sanctions almost certaintly coming around the corner, Garrett decided to not only hire a coach who was on staff when these "incidents" occured, but to hire an immature coach with a one-year track record of abusing other NCAA rules and regulations.

Why give an alcoholic the keys to a liquor cabinet?

Once again, these feelings toward Kiffin did not start in the wake of last night's news. Instead, they have been brewing ever since he stepped foot in Knoxville and called out Urban Meyer, a legend-in-the-making with a proven track record; something that Kiffin lacked, and still lacks for that matter.

However, those feelings have grown into hate for many. Hate is a strong word, but for someone that breaks promises, cheats his way to a mediocre 7-6 season, and leaves his team, fans, state, and most importantly, recruiting class, in the dust like he did on January 12th, 2010, I believe that term can (and should) be paired next to Kiffin's name as of now.

There is no doubt that Kiffin will find some sort of success in Southern California.

Although mostly in part to his father, recruiting-coordinator, and possibly Norm Chow, Kiffin was handed the throne to a kingdom which he did not deserve.