Almost Half Way Through The Season, Who's Your Rookie Of The Year Candidate?

Avery Decker@averydecker28Analyst IJune 25, 2008

    Baseball today has so many great prospects, you can't even remember all of them. Many of them have not came into the major leagues yet and are waiting to break out and make their impact on the team.


    Winning the rookie of the year award is a great honor that really makes a prospect look like a star in the MLB and no longer as a prospect. There are many great candidates for Rookie of the year.

American League

Evan Longoria - Longoria has gotten off to a pretty quick start with the Rays. He has shown a solid glove in the field, and has also shown he can hit for power and average. Longoria has alot of potential and is my top choice for Rookie of the Year in the American League.

Jacoby Ellsbury - Jacoby is one of the most solid outfielders in the game today. He makes the game exciting. He is a great hitter and has alot of strike zone discipline. A great player coming in at the number 2 spot.

Joba Chamberlain - Joba Chamberlain has shown an untouchable fast ball and slider. He over powers batters. He has also shown his success as a starter. Hopefully he will develop into a great starter.

Clay Buchholz - Clay Buchholz has shown that if he is ready and has all his pitches going, he can really be a shutout pitcher. A great number 1 or 2 starter for the future of the Redsox.

Justin Masterson - This may be a long shot. But Justin has shown a tremendous amount of skill early in his Major League career. He has so much potential.

National League

Jay Bruce - Jay Bruce is a tremendous hitter and fielder and has really impacted and helped lead the Reds. He quickly went through the lineup and was one of the biggest hitters in the Reds Lineup. Jay Bruce is my definite choice for National League Rookie of the Year.

Edison Volquez - Edison came out of nowhere. This is a guy that was not even heard of during peoples fantasy drafts. No one knew who this guy was and he came out fast out of the starting gates with over 9 wins now. Great choice coming in at Number 2.

Geovany Soto - Soto has started off the year with the Cubs great. He is among the big guns in the lineup for the Cubbies. Soto has over 39 RBI's and 10 HR's.

Joey Votto - The Reds are coming in with another prospect in the top 5 for Rookie Of The Year. He is hitting alot for power, and has already hit a 3 HR game this season. Great bat for the Reds lineup along with Jay Bruce. 5.

Clayton Kershaw- Kershaw has shown alot of potential with a dominant curve ball when he can get it over. Great choice for number five.