B/R Wrestling: Buy Or Sell Week 1

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2010

Welcome welcome to the first edition of Bleacher Report Wrestling Buy or Sell. I am your host Steven Ransiear, and this week we have three of our great writers answering the hot questions in the world of professional wrestling. I am joined today by Svyato Rovenchuk, Joe Burgett, and Jeremiah Graves. Thanks to you three for coming aboard.

Without any further waiting, lets hop right into the questions shall we?

Buy or Sell: One of the men who debuted for TNA on January 4th and will actually wrestle, makes an impact by six months from now.

Svyato Rovenchuk: BUY: I think Shannon Moore and Jeff Hardy will make an impact on Impact!(pun intended). 

Jeff Hardy will do great things for the X Division. He will take it to another level no doubt. Jeff Hardy is the definition of extreme and that is exactly what the X Division is about. The X Division is an excellent example of how extreme and how exciting wrestling can get. At times it isn't too good however, but with the addition of Hardy it could get really good. Jeff Hardy will bring the Swanton Bombs to TNA and with any luck will be a hit! 

Don't be surprised if you see Jeff Hardy rise to the main event either. Don't be surprised if you see holding both the TNA World Championship and the X Division Title. It would be something interesting to see and I wouldn't put it past TNA to do something like that. Jeff should help merchandise move too seeing that he is Jeff Hardy. He should bring in the public and really get them hooked. 

As for Shannon Moore I think he will do one of two things. First of all you all know that Matt Hardy and Helms have been asking for their release from World Wrestling Entertainment. Why? Most likely to go to TNA and form a stable of Moore, Hardy, Hardy and Helms. Shannon could either capture the tag titles with one of the other stable members or go after the Global Championship. Either way it would have him getting some sort of gold. 

Joe Burgett: SELL: We saw a lot of them didn’t we? I’d love to say Jeff Hardy here, but with his legal troubles, he may not be around six months from now, and because of that Moore may not get a good shot either. I think guys such as Hogan, Bischoff and Flair will make an impact, but will they wrestle? I don't know.

And people such as Orlando Jordan, Scott Hall, Pac, and Venis won’t make a massive impact on the company either. So, there is no way anyone from that debut who will actually wrestle will make a huge impact six months from now sadly.

Jeremiah Graves: BUY: I assume that Jeff Hardy—if he has ACTUALLY signed with the company—can make a serious impact (pun intended). He has star power and was one of the WWE’s biggest draws as recently as six months ago.

It is rumored that his TNA run is only a short-term deal and there is still the possibility that he’ll serve jail time. Those facts notwithstanding, he could definitely be pushed to the top of the card if he is sticking around and a feud with AJ Styles could be amazing.

As far as Orlando Jones, the Nasty Boys, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, etc…I wouldn’t expect we’ll see much—if anything—from them going forward and it is entirely possible none of them will be with the company by spring.

My Take: I'm leaning towards Sell here myself. TNA hired some very talented wrestlers but I don't think they've necessarily hired any future world champions.

Buy or Sell: With two main eventers in DX holding the tag team championships within the WWE, we finally see a resurgence in the tag division.

Svyato Rovenchuk: SELL: DX helping make a resurgence in the tag division? Hell no.

First off, DX holding the belts might not even last too long. From what I hear, Shawn might be one of the front runners to win the Rumble this year and will either go after the Undertaker(World Champ) or Triple H, who might possibly pick up the WWE Championship down the line. Either way it would mean some singles time for Shawn and away from the tag team division. 

I think Jeri-Show did a great job with the tag team division, although not as good as Chris Jericho and Edge might have done it (that would've truly been an amazing tag division). DX are not going to make the division any better than it is at this point. I think they should drop the belts down the line soon. Maybe give it to a promising young team like the Hart Dynasty. 

Shawn and Triple H might end up feuding before Wrestlemania and that will not help the tag division at all. 

So final conclusion, no we won't finally see a resurgence in the tag division. 

Joe Burgett: BUY: I think we will, it seems after Jerishow held them a while, DX looked like a very impressive team when they won them. When they lose them, it will put the team who wins it over. If this keeps happening, we’ll see impressive teams hold the titles and great matches for them. Like if Hart Dynasty wins it from DX, which is highly likely, then they will be a top team, when they lose them they will still be highly impressive and the matches they will be in will start to get people into watching tag wrestling in the WWE again.

Of course, it depends on how everything is booked. If they really want to bring it back, then they have to book things the correct way, instead of always having the champs beat up on whoever to win matches, storylines are the big key here.

Jeremiah Graves: BUY: I think we have seen a resurgence in the tag division already. I’ve written about this a few times already and I’ve been critical of the way the tag division was handled, but putting the titles on DX is a major move.

Jerishow was good for the division, but DX provides a better situation as there are currently more heel tag teams in the company to feud with and build solid rivalries. The obvious feud to look forward to is DX vs Hart Dynasty.

This could be a legitimate shot for DX to make stars out of the Hart Dynasty and with Bret in the picture, things could get very interesting. I’m worried we’ll see another drawn out burial of Legacy against DX, however, and that would only continue to send the tag division backpedaling.

My Take: I'm going with sell. The WWE just doesn't find tag team wrestling important anymore.

Buy or Sell: After failing the win the ROH World Championship at Final Battle 2009, Tyler Black has lost any shot of being the face of ROH.

Svyato Rovenchuk: SELL: I don't think that's the case. The interesting thing is it's called Final Battle, but was that really the final battle?

I think Tyler Black should not pack his bags just yet. Black is a great talent and still has the potential to become the face of the company. His time will come, he just has to wait for it. He is still high in the company and as time goes on they might finally decide to make him "the man" on ROH. 

Joe Burgett: SELL: I have never thought that Black was the face on ROH, that is always the ROH Champion. They have those guys hold the title a long time usually, so when a person wins it, it puts them over really well. Look at Aries and McGuinness for instance, and even Punk and Samoa Joe. All held the title pretty long and they were THE guy there. When Black wins it he will be the face of ROH, until then I can’t say he is, even though he is a terrific performer.

So to answer the question, he didn’t lose the chance to be the face by not winning the title, but he was never the face of ROH to begin with, that's still Aries.

Jeremiah Graves: SELL: I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Never say never in the wrestling business. The day the WWE decided to take the title off of John Cena and put it on the pasty pugilist, Sheamus, I realized that anything can and usually will happen in this business.

My Take: Big SELL right here. ROH dropped the ball on Tyler Black big time. He was hot as one could be back in 2008 but 2009 was a complete disaster for him.

Buy or Sell: Kofi Kingston rebounds from horrible booking against Randy Orton and really elevates himself to a legit contender for the WWE Championship.

Svyato Rovenchuk: SELL: After what went down on Monday Night Raw I doubt it. 

With the promo where it was Orton, Tyson, Cena, and Kingston himself they built it up as if Kingston was indeed going to win and become the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship. When it came to the match, it was a different story. Randy Orton got the win and the WWE Championship shot. What now for Kingston? 

There is the possibility that Orton wins the title and Kingston gets a title then, but I don't buy it. I think next thing on Orton's mind is putting over DiBiase. Excuse me if it gets annoying hearing this over and over again, but I truly believe WWE is ready to do this. Whether it's with or without the title. 

I think Kingston will either go into a feud with a current main eventer and that may help make him, or he takes a trip back to the Monday Night Raw mid card.

Maybe after a good few months it will finally happen for the young man, but I don't see it happening for Kingston anytime soon. 

Joe Burgett: BUY: I think Kingston has all the abilities and now that he has lost that that stupid Jamaican accent(no offense to Jamaicans), he is far better on the mic. He is is doing well, and I think he will eventually win the big one. Will that be this year? I don’t think so, I think he still has some work to do. However, it’s possible they could put the MITB briefcase on him, and like others before he will cash it in and be a World Champion. But, if he doesn’t win the MITB, I see him winning it in either 2011 or 2012

Jeremiah Graves: UNDECIDED: This one I’m very unsure about. I wrote previously that I felt the WWE had made a star out of Kingston and were finally doing things right with a young and upcoming superstar.

Since then things have fallen flat. The feud peaked with the brawl at Madison Square Garden, and Kingston’s boom drop through the table. All that has followed has felt like an afterthought.

I can’t help but think back to when Shelton Benjamin beat Triple H after coming over to RAW. He got a short program that appeared to be his ticket to the big time and then he just faded away.

I can’t see Kingston transitioning into a feud with Sheamus for the WWE Title and I can’t envision another heel on the roster that would offer the same rub that Orton did.

If there was some way to build a feud with CM Punk, I think that could be amazing, but until Kofi shows more personality than just being a guy who won’t back down or be bullied, he’s not ready for a main event push.

The WWE would be wise to give him a strong showing in the Royal Rumble and build a WrestleMania bound feud from there.

My Take: Time will tell with Kofi but since he's so damn good in the ring I'm going with BUY.

Buy or Sell: After getting a solid rating going up against a loaded Monday Night Raw, TNA pulls the trigger and moves iMPACT to Monday nights by the end of 2010.

Svyato Rovenchuk: BUY: Without a doubt buy. 

TNA is bringing in all this new talent for a reason. They aren't just going to stay on Thursday, they are going to make the jump to Monday to prove that they can put on a better product than the WWE(as said by Hulk Hogan). 

I think with the right storylines and some great wrestling they can easily compete with World Wrestling Entertainment and even win. So why not take the chance and move to Mondays? However if this is in the talking for TNA wrestling I think they need to truly establish themselves on the same level as the WWE, which could take some time. 

Will the time come before the end of this year? It will take some time for them to accomplish a respectable level of wrestling that makes a good show and some good promos, but it will go down this year. Remember they have Bischoff on the creative staff. He is without a doubt going to do a fine job for them and once he makes his mark TNA will make theirs. 

I'd say they will move to Mondays in November 2010, just near the end of this year. This seems like around the right time for TNA, because by then I believe they can get their shows to something they want the world to see and something that could defeat the Monday Night behemoth. 

So yes, TNA will move to Mondays. 

Joe Burgett: BUY: I think it’s highly possible we could see TNA move to Monday Nights more often, at least once a month before 2010 is over. I also believe a second show will come about, which would easily give TNA a reason to have one show Monday, and the other Thursday. With all the new talent they have coming in, I don’t see how they will fit everyone in who needs to be.

So having a second show would do wonders. Also, a Live TNA show Mondays would really be cool to see anyway, they did carry that Thursday audience over and also improved in ratings, that's an obvious sign they will have a show on Monday.

Jeremiah Graves: SELL: I’m going to sell this one because if IMPACT moves to Mondays on a full-time basis, the company will be dead in the water.

TNA is still a long way from serving as legitimate competition to the WWE on a full-time basis. One night of big ratings doesn’t equal a company that’s ready to compete.

The first IMPACT of the Hogan era was an indication the company looks to be stuck in a pickle. Push the younger guys who are the real future and foundation of the company or push the older, established veterans that are more recognizable?!

The company needs to figure out a long-term direction before they attempt to run head-to-head with Vinny Mac and company for more than a one-shot deal.

My Take: I'm going with an UNDECIDED here because I know that Hogan wants Monday nights but right now it seems like SPIKE just wants to have occasional Monday night specials.

Bonus Question: Who will win the annual Royal Rumble and challenge for the championship of his choosing at Wrestlemania?

Svyato Rovenchuk: A few possibilities come to mind for Royal Rumble winner. 

First possibility is my man, Chris Jericho winning the Royal Rumble. I think at this point he is one of the favourites to win the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble may just be one of the things Chris Jericho is missing for his career. He has had a stellar one and that could just be the icing on the cake to put him in the Top five for Greatest Superstars in history. 

If he wins I think he will go after the World Title who will be held by either Edge or The Undertaker. Apparently Edge is healthy enough to make it to Elimination Chamber this year. He could appear at Elimination Chamber and win the World Title there(he is the Ultimate Opportunist after all). Then the highly anticipated Chris Jericho v. Edge match could happen at Wrestlemania. 

The other possibility is Undertaker stays champion and Jericho challenges him saying that he can take down the Phenom as he is the true phenom on the show and that he will slay the Legend that is the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, going down in history as the man who beat the "man" The Undertaker. It would obviously prove to be a losing effort, but it will probably turn out a good match. 

The second possibility is for the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels to win the Rumble. I already mentioned how this would happen. Shawn would win the Rumble, with Michaels and Triple H being the final two men in the Rumble. After that he would either go after his long awaited rematch with the Undertaker or Triple H. 

Triple H could capture the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber and the two could meet at Wrestlemania with the WWE Championship on the line. I think this would be the favoured possibility for the WWE if he is to win because I think they want to leave the World Title bout between Edge and Jericho. However either possibility would be a good one as Triple H/HBK matches prove to be classics, just like last year's classic between Undertaker and HBK. 

Last possibility as previously touched upon is Ted DiBiase winning the Royal Rumble. Orton v. Sheamus is no accident or simple time waster it was put there for a reason. I think Orton is going to capture the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble and Ted DiBiase will win the Royal Rumble going to challenge Orton at Wrestlemania. Now he probably won't win since he is not established just yet, but the Rumble win and match at Mania will go a long way into making Ted DiBiase a main eventer. 

Joe Burgett: I think the nod goes to either John Morrison or Ted DiBiase. DiBiase is hot right now, and the wwe wants to make him a big star. I think having him win the Rumble, then possibly go against Orton or Sheamus at Mania would be good. It will make another main event star for the WWE, something they need to start doing with their younger guys.

Jeremiah Graves:  If he’s healthy and can compete by the Rumble, I think Edge is a pretty solid choice. He has a built-in, main event caliber feud in the waiting with Chris Jericho and has never won the Rumble.

If Edge is unable to go, it could go a number of ways. The storyline where Cena won’t lose until he wins back the title could setup a situation where he enters the Rumble and plows through everyone.

Personally, I’d like to see CM Punk win it, but I can’t imagine they’re ready to give him that kind of feather in his cap and he seems stuck in the upper-midcard right now, certainly not on the cusp of main eventing WrestleMania 26.

The WWE has been reluctant to really build new stars through the Rumble in recent years, so unless they’re going for a dramatic change of pace that rules out Morrison, McIntyre, Kofi, etc.

Chris Jericho could get the win here and that would work really well. Personally, I think it’s wide-open right now and I’m not even sure if the bookers really know what’s next until they know 100 percent whether or not Edge can go in the Rumble.

My Take: I'd like to go outside of the box here and pick Kofi Kingston but I just don't think it will happen. My best guess is Batista to have yet another match against The Undertaker.

So that wraps up Volume 1 of Bleacher Report Wrestling Buy or Sell. I hope you enjoyed it and please leave your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to be a future panelist, please send me a message with the best way to get in touch with you. Until next week, stay classy Bleacher Report.