Jose Cancesco Needs To Shut Up Already!

Will NorwoodContributor IJanuary 13, 2010

LONG BEACH, CA - JULY 16:  Jose Canseco #33 of the Long Beach Armada throws the ball in warm ups before the Golden Baseball League game against the Fullerton Flyers on July 16, 2006 at Blair Field in Long Beach, California.  (Photo By Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

 As many of you know Mark McGwire has admitted to using Performance Enhancing Drugs during his career as a MLB player. This has come about now that McGwire has taken a position with the St. Louis Cardinals as the hitting coach. Many have speculated over the years about McGwire's steroid use and now it comes out.

Good for Mark. I am glad he grew a pair, (insert steroid joke!), and confessed. Despite his reasons it was not right and he knows it. Now we can move on.

Or can we?

No we cannot because the steroid taddle-tale Mr. Jose Canseco is accusing McGwire of not only using steroids, but he is also claiming they give one another injections when they played together on the Oakland As.

First, I want to know why Jose would want someone to know this. It is a little bit strange to let people know that you gave another man an injection in the rump.

Second, Why does it matter? We know both of them used steroids now so why worry about who was shooting one another up? Does Canseco really think that the person giving the injection matters.

Now if the injector was Tony La Russa, Their manager at Oakland, or someone like that then this would be important. This would show that the upper levels in the organization knew about the steroid use, which they probably did but that is another story entirely.

I think this is just another pathetic attempt at selling copies of Canseco's Taddle-tale book, Juiced. Mark McGwire stole a little steroid lime-light from Canseco and now he has to get some attention.

As for Mr. McGwire, I admire him for coming forward and admitting to what he has done. His achievements, although forever blemished, are still amazing.  Best of luck to him as a batting coach.