Can We Compare Kobe and Jordan Yet?

Richard TanzilContributor IJanuary 13, 2010

Before Kobe's fans whining and complaining about it, first off I want to give ya'll fact.

Ya'll always say "We cant compare Kobe to MJ yet because Kobe is still playing, wait until he retires" lol really? MJ played 14 half years in his career while this season is Kobe's 14th season? Is that not fair? lol

Also MJ played 2 years in the Wizards which actually lowered his numbers, that just as fair as Kobe's fans excuse that said Kobe's numbers aren't that good because he used to be bench player for his first 2 years in his career.

Anyway back to my question, even if Kobe eventually scores more points, make more all NBA teams, all defensive teams and even all stars team, that doesn't mean he is better than Jordan, that just because he plays longer than Jordan.

Jordan scored more than 32.000 points, won 6 rings, 5 MVP's and accomplished way better than Kobe just in 14 years.

What Kobe accomplished in his 14 years are good, but not as good as Jordan. Don't believe me? just check his wikipedia then.

Anyway my conclusion is still like this

This is what Basketball hall of famers think whenever people say that Jordan played in a weak defense era and today's defense (Zone defense) is better...

During a 2007 L.A. Lakers pre-season broadcast, Phil Jackson was asked how he thought Michael Jordan would perform today, Phil said: "Michael would average 45 with these rules."

"You can't even touch a guy now," says Charlotte coach Larry Brown. "The college game is much more physical than our game. I always tease Michael [Jordan], if he played today, he'd average 50."

Question for Clyde Drexler:
In the current league where there is no hand checking and no ruff play how much better would your numbers be?

Clyde Drexler: Oh, tremendously better, from shooting percentage to points per game everything would be up, and our old teams would score a lot more points, and that is saying something because we could score a lot back then. I do think there should be an asterisk next to some of these scoring leaders, because it is much different trying to score with a forearm in your face. It is harder to score with that resistance. You had to turn your back on guys defending you back in the day with all the hand checking that was going on. For guys who penetrate these days, it's hunting season. Yes, now you can play (floating)zone(legally), but teams rarely do.

"The defensive rules, the hand checking, the ability to make contact on a guy in certain areas .... [have] all been taken away from the game. If Kobe could get 81, I think Michael could get 100 in today's game." - Scottie Pippen January 2006

Craig Hodges is the Lakers shooting coach, get a look at what he said:
Q: If you could take one player in their prime, would you take Michael Jordan or Kobe?

A: M.J., all day. There's no comparison. M.J. could score 100 points in this era. You can't hand-check now. Imagine that trying to guard M.J. It would be crazy.

Hall of Famer Rick Barry, a keen observer of the game, said he would love to see players of the past getting to attack the basket under the new officiating. “They’d score a lot more,” he said.

Tex Winter said. "Players today can get to the basket individually much easier."

Asked if he could defend Jordan under today’s interpretation of the rules, Dumars first laughed, “It would have been virtually impossible to defend Michael Jordan based on the way the game’s being called right now.”

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