Legend Vs Icon : My New CvsC Competition

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2010

Last time I was on B/R I noticed that there weren't any CvsC competitions going on. So I decided to make up my own for people to join.

The concept is Legend vs Icon. The point of the competition is people to write an article comparing a Legend (Hogan, Flair, Bret Hart) and an Icon (a current wrestler) (John Cena, Edge, Y2J etc).

You can write an article comparing those two, or you can write a possible macth beetwen them or host a debate beetwen them. The whole point is to be creative.

Trust me, it might sound like a piece of cake but in order to win you must come up with something that most people won't even think of doing. For example if 10 people take part and 9 of them write a comparison, while the other one writes something different then he has more chances of winning.

Now, some general rules:

1) You can enter by commenting and saying who you are doing. eg "Hey, I'm in, I will do Hogan vs Hornswoggle!:P"

2) You must come up with your own ideas, no cope paste from any site or using someone else article.

3) You can have friends helping you.

4) The ranking system is simple. After the deadline has passed I will write an article providing links to all the entries. Then people will give *. Lets say Bob got 2*/5, Jack got 3* out of 5 and Mike got 1*/5 then Jack wins.

5) Deadline is the 30th of this moth.

6) Please give me a link of your entry.