I Call Shenanigans: Chuck Liddell Never Ruled Pride

E. Spencer Kyte@@spencerkyteSenior Analyst IJanuary 13, 2010

The UFC has been known to exaggerate from time-to-time when it came to pushing an over-matched challenger on their Countdown series, or have Joe Rogan spewing superlatives during a broadcast, but this one takes the cake.

According to the UFC, before "The Iceman" became in North America, he was simply "The Man" in Japan's Pride Fighting Championships:

UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship: Before UFC, before TUF, before DWTS, Chuck Liddell ruled the PRIDE FC in Japan

Anyone with a knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts history or an Internet connection can tell you the above statement from the UFC Facebook page is far from the truth.

For starters, three fights is certainly not enough to qualify someone was having "ruled" an organization, especially one with as rich a history and deep a talent pool as Pride.

Secondly, exactly when did going 2-1 and having Quinton "Rampage" Jackson beat you so bad that your corner throws in the towel become the equivalent of "ruling" anything?

Now, putting the name of one of the most popular fighters in the UFC history alongside the soon-to-debut "Best of Pride" show coming to Spike TV makes perfect sense; Liddell is as well-known as any fighter on the planet, and even hardcore fans will be interested in seeing his bouts against Guy Metzger and Alistair Overeem .

But "ruled Pride in Japan?"

There were a few fighters who actually ruled Pride, and none of them are named Liddell.


"The Axe Murderer"—absolutely.

A case could even be made for Dan Henderson to a certain degree, as Hendo owned both the middleweight and welterweight belts when the company closed their doors.

Trying to sell us on Dan Hardy being GSP's toughest test to date is expected.

Marketing the Couture vs. Coleman bout as an epic clash of Hall of Famers is understandable.

Some level of spin is expected and acceptable, but saying that Chuck Liddell once "ruled Pride in Japan" is too much.

Even for the UFC.


Originally posted at FiveKnuckles.com