"Vols Strike Gold, Big Time! Bye, Bye Kiffin's, Hello--Bowden's!

Ken HammerickContributor IJanuary 13, 2010

19 Oct 1996:  Head coach Terry Bowden of the Auburn Tigers discusses a play call with one of his coaches over the head sets as he looks on from the sideline during a play in the Tigers 51-10 loss to the Florida Gators at Florida Field in Gainesville, Flor
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Vols are back! Tennessee can keep their recruits and quickly vault their class to number one in America, while at the same time restoring good ole Rocky Top back to national prominence.


Has anybody heard of Terry Bowden? Yes, that Terry Bowden. Son of Bobby, brother of Tommy. Oh, he can't win in the SEC. Oh, yes he has. Terry was undefeated at Auburn. Oh, he can't recruit in the SEC. Oh, yes he can, every recruit in America has seen Terry on TV! Who's his Daddy? What did his Daddy do? Bobby Bowden just happens to be the second winningest coach in College Football history! Has anybody ever been more groomed for this job? Well, no...I mean Terry was Bobby's son and that's all he's ever known, major college football. He lived it, breathed it, ate it and was undefeated in the SEC. Oh, and Terry's brother Tommy can come too? Yeah, all three are a package deal, silly! Tommy took Clemson to bowl games and he can recruit the region. High school coaches in the Southeast love and most of all respect all three Bowden's.


You mean to tell me if Bobby, Terry and Tommy Bowden show up in a kid's living room, the kid is not going to be impressed? LOL! Good luck topping this triumvirate. Bobby for the parents, Terry and Tommy for the kid, three personalities for each kid to relate to. One of the Bowden's match and appeal to each specific kid and parent. Tennessee can't miss on this one!


It is a no brainer. Terry Bowden is Tennessee's man. Do you really think that these Bowden's haven't seen it all? Experience? Try about 150 years! Like I said, Tennessee can't miss.