The Most Hated Man In Tennessee...LANE KIFFIN

Andy SnyderContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

Tuesday January 12, 2009 will officially become a date of infamy in UT football History. It shall forever be remembered as the day that UT football fans everywhere were stabbed in the back by a good for nothing coward of a man!

Now I must admit, my fellow UT fans, I loved Coach Kiffin. I defended the man about everything, from his violations all the way to his snide remarks he made about Meyer and Slive. However, this was a low blow. It was absolutely crushing, not just because I liked the man, but because now our program is in absolute shambles. With three weeks until national signing day, we are absolutely screwed (to put it nicely).

But we are the Volunteers and we won't be pushed around, especially not by some West Coast sissy that can't even face the fans he pissed off. Come on Lane, where's the macho persona now? What, you can attack Urban Meyer and Mike Slive, and even insult gas station attendants everywhere, but you can't face the very fan-base that defended you? The very ones that applauded your comments and called for Meyer's head because of you.The same fan-base that drove from all over to see us lose to an ACC team, and still rooted for you.

We fought every fan from Western Kentucky to Virginia Tech, and defended you to the very end. Yet, this is the thanks we get. As we try to pick up the pieces that you left, you run with your tail between your legs to Cali.

Well Kiffin, I hope you have fun. I wish you the bes-no wait that's a lie. I can't lie here, I wish you the absolute worse! I hope you fall flat on your face and when people hear your name they do nothing but laugh. You're leaving an amazing program to go coach elsewhere, which would be fine if you hadn't been such a coward and a traitor about it! You have fun in Cali, I hope UT plays you soon so that we can all shout, cuss, throw objects, and sing rocky top at the top of our lungs as you walk out of the stadium in a loss! You are nothing but a stain on this program and we will never let you live that down.

Now I call upon my fellow UT fanatics to swarm around the athletic department and AD Mike Hamiltion, and help them in any way we can. Lets show Lane Kiffin that Big Orange Country doesn't need him and that we won't be pushed around! We've faced challenges before and we've overcome all of them, so this will be no different. We had dreams that were so close to becoming reality, yet now they are just that, dreams. However, we are Tennessee and we will overcome! We will get a new coach and he won't be a little chicken who up and leaves us with out much of anything. I mean the man didn't even take any questions during his so called "press conference". USC can have this little boy, while Tennessee hires a man!

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