Top 5 Players To Watch In The Playoffs

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Top 5 Players To Watch In The Playoffs
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Hi these are my top 5 players to watch through the playoffs

1.-Phillip Rivers:Why do I chose Rivers because he led his team to a 13-3 and he was an MVP contender he threw over 4 000 yd 28 TD and just 9 int's  he  might take the Chargers to the Super Bowl, He also showed that special ability that only great QB's have and that ability is making not so good receivers look great.

2.-Ray Rice:Ray is so good I mean he is elusive and he can run over guys he is just awesome and he just showed it against the Pats. He is just 22 years old and he rushed for 1 339 yd and an average per rush of 5.3 i mean see him be one of the beast or the  Running Back next season.

3.-Kurt Warner:Check his stats in the playoffs he is great.On the game against the Packers he threw 5 TD and that isn't everything he has some great receivers and a great rushing attack.He is just great.

4.-Peyton Manning:The MVP,he would of led his team to a perfect season if it wasn't for the coaches but he is just the MVP for 2 continuous years and he has some great receiver and really a good O-line.

5.-Darrelle Revis:The beast defensive player for me.He held top receivers time after time... after time he is just the beast.Darrell is also so young and so fast, so watch out for him.

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