Is It Possible For a Playoff Team To Be Under The Radar? Yes

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2010

The Colts had the best record in the NFL this season. They had six players selected to the Pro Bowl. And to cap it off Peyton Manning locked up his fourth MVP Award. The Colts have to be considered the best team in the league and getting all the media attention, right?

Wrong, the Colts come into the Playoffs under the radar, which they have been all season even though they started 14-0. But the Colts are fine with that, in fact they probably prefer that.

Just look what happened last year, Indy won nine straight games going into the playoffs and were the hottest team out there, that is until they made an early exit after a loss to San Diego. They are hoping this year is very different.

Actually they hope it's a complete opposite result. While the team they lost to last year, the Chargers, are getting most of the attention this time around, after they won 11 straight to end the regular season. Which is absolutely okay with the Colts.

Jim Caldwell knows he will have home field advantage over the Chargers this year, giving the Colts that always important 12th man. I think that could be a deciding factor between the Bolts and the Colts, should they meet in the AFC Championship Game this year.

So the Colts will continue to fly under the radar as they begin their playoff run this weekend against the Ravens.