You Wild: Gilbert Arenas Flashes The Steel, Gets the Bench

Rahsaan HuntContributor IJanuary 12, 2010

By A Negro With A Keyboard

I swear to goodness, a professional sports contract must come with a “Tough Tony” clause in it these days.

Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall: Nicknamed “The Beast” on the football field, but the only “beasting” he is known for off the field is upside the heads of past and current girlfriends.

Former New York Giants Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress: This superthug kept that heat on his waist, but unfortunately the only person he ever let his gun bust on was himself, becoming the real-life Cheddar Bob from the 8 Mile.

Cincinnati Bengals Running Back Larry Johnson: Arrested a whole 4 times, all for the same crime: beating up girls.

And now, which I must admit, may be my most favorite of all-time: Washington Wizards All-Star Guard Gilbert Arenas and his teammate Javaris Critterdon decide to re-enact a scene from the movie Face-Off, pulling guns on one another IN THE LOCKER ROOM AFTER A GAME over some dough Arenas lost to Critterdon gambling.

While the details of this event are still sketchy, events like this are the reason that people use the N-Word (and I don’t mean the one with an A at the end) so liberally when referring to black athletes.

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